OT. ESPNU to be headquarted in Charlotte

Thought this was interesting. Doubt we would get much exposure, but I could be wrong.
ESPNU in Charlotte

Yeah, I posted that back when it broke. It’s at their HQ over in Ballantyne. We probably won’t get any additional exposure other than the “Mike Hall here in Charlotte for ESPNU”…

Sounds like a satellite campus for Duke.

ESPN U launches tonight. Their syllabus shows college basketball games on Monday-Saturday in January in February. Hopefully we appear on the network several times next season.

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So what channel is this on Time Warner? Or is it another rip off on Digital like CSET?

[b]Or is it another rip off on Digital like CSET? [/b]

I’m sure TimeWarner will add it eventually, but have not heard when they will be adding it. I read somewhere that Adelphia will be adding it to their Digital tier. I assume TimeWarner would do the same.

It will be on DirecTV, Channel 609.

No mention of Dish Network.

Yeah, friend of mine and fellow UNCC grad just got a job with them, represent