OT: Illini at Shoe tommorrow

Not sure what Huggs has in mind for the Illini. I would guess several busted lips in this game as Huggs tries to slow the tempo down and be extra physical. Illini have to much fire power though.

Illini by 10. See ya in St Louis!

Ooops! It’s at the 2500 seat Valley High Gym -> make that Illini by 15!

This game is being played in Vegas, not Cincy. Just FYI. Should be a good one.

I hope the Bearcats win it. That would make a possible victory against them that much better.

[i]Originally posted by NinerFan[/i]@Dec 30 2004, 10:33 AM [b] Ooops! It's at the 2500 seat Valley High Gym -> make that Illini by 15! [/b]
Did anyone see this game or the lowlights for Cinci? They were sleeping. Las Vegas, high school gym, big game, not much chance for UC to win, questionable character of some of cinci players = fix? Hmmm, do you guys think that stuff goes on and how often?

Um, I wouldn’t start making assumptions like that. That could hit a little too close to home. I don’t think any player on our team has ever done that, but I also don’t think any player on Cincy’s team did that either. However, we don’t have the cleanest record of players over Bobby’s tenure.

I was just asking the question. I hope they play that bad against us.

Me too, but Illinois is really good.

As good as we may be, there are still teams out there that are just flat out better.

At least Bobby has a clean record for his own self (off the court).