OT: Judge rules against Big East

BostonGlobe.com: Judge: Boston College doesn’t have to pay larger Big East exit fee

Still doesn’t seem right, though, for Boston College to be joining the ACC. West Virginia or South Carolina, yes, but BC?! It’s all about the Benjamins… :rolleyes:

And then you get a screwed up conference schedule, hurting long-time rivalries… Schedule could be tough for Tar Heels.

UNC is the only team that gets only one game apiece with Miami and Virginia Tech. Clemson and Duke are the only teams that have the new guys twice each. Wake and Miami are the only teams to face Duke and Georgia Tech twice. The Blue Devils and Yellow Jackets made the Final Four last year.
Wake Forest does not play at Carolina this season. Except for 1943-44, when war prevented Wake from fielding a team, this will be the first season since 1920-21 with fewer than two regular-season meetings of the Tar Heels and Deacons.
Duke does not go to N.C. State. The teams have met at least twice per year since the series began Feb. 9, 1912.
In addition to the Hurricanes, Hokies and Deacons, the Tar Heels have just one game against Georgia Tech, which played for the NCAA championship in 2004. The Heels and Jackets meet in Chapel Hill.
Duke faces State, Virginia, Florida State and Clemson once each.
For State, the round-robin doesn’t include Duke, Clemson, Florida State or Miami. And there are no trips to Cameron Indoor Stadium or FSU’s Leon County Civic Center for the Wolfpack.
Wake is spared games at UNC and at Maryland. Virginia Tech and Clemson don’t get visits from the Deacs.

And this just in…ACC rules against Charlotte!

Jacksonville.com: Jacksonville WINS ACC championship game

BTW, that reminds me, I’ve got to make sure I get away from the office before all the Panthers’ fans start invading uptown for tonight’s game against the Giants… :huh:

run, stay away from the Westin, I wouldn’t want any Secret Service agents to think you were a “person of interest.”