OT: Kansas signs $26.7 million deal with Adidas

SI.com: Out with the old


I think we are about to become all-Nike. It should lead to better gear in stores but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Good grief that is a lot of money - I snuck in and stood on the corner of the court at Allen Fieldhouse one time when it was empty. It was awesome. Lots of banners there.

Was down at USC over the weekend. Their bookstore had some nice Nike goods. Cameron insisted on getting a pair of the official Mike garnet-colored backetball shorts.

Just the wide selection of USC “stuff” made me sick, I saw items that I know would sell with any of the Charlotte logos on it. :frowning:

Does anyone know if that means they get 26.7 mil in cash over that time or do they get 26.7 mil in cash and gear combined over that time???

Here’s the official announcement:

Univesity of Kansas Athletics Signs Sponsorship, Product Agreement with adidas

BTW, more interesting KU link… :love:

Women of KU