OT: MU -> Fraud in the making

Was just looking over the MU schedule for Milwaukee tickets for the Niners and noticed that MU is 12-1, with all games except 1 at home!!! ONE ROAD TRIP IN 13 GAMES!!! Their 1 road game was at Rochester against Oakland. They did beat Wisconsin at home, and lost to Arizona. Out of 29 games this season, MU will play 20 at home!! Nearly 70% of their game at home!!! How the hell do you pull that off!!?? Talk about a Homer. MU is a fraud.

I’m calling for a Niner win at the Bradley Center this year!!!

The new RPI formula will hurt them. Don’t worry.

It will be interesting to see how they do come conference play, looks like they may have trouble scoring, which is usually accented when you play on the road. By the time our game with them happens we should know where they stand.

2 road games that is…against oakland and illinois state

…but still

They really aren’t very good. I listen to some of their games on the radio and they have really struggled against some bed teams. Wisconsin did not play well at all in the Bradley Center and Arizona was without their best player. They are very guard oriented with almost no inside game. Oh, and I will be there on the 22nd to cheer the boys on!

Their OOC schedule has been very weak. You are correct NinerUpNorth, their schedule wil hurt them in the end.

Are we not their only home game in January?

They play South Florida at home on 1/15, the 49ers are the only other home contest of the next seven.

February & March could shape up nicely for them leading into the C-USA tournament though, 4 of the final 5 are at home.

2/17 Louisville
2/20 DePaul
2/24 at Cincinnati
3/02 Houston
3/05 Saint Louis

Marquette is trying to become the Syracuse of the Mideast. Hopefully the new RPI formula will indeed punish them for this.

DePaul, Charlotte, and now Louisville showing what a complete fraud MU is. The MU board is in a state of denial. Incredible. When are they gonna figure out Crean just flat out got lucky with Wade. I think the con game in Milwaukee is about up.