OT: New Poppa on the Block

Okay, indulge me a second … Elizabeth Christine (“Lele” - sounds lee-lee) was born on April 7 – 8 lbs., 1 oz., 22 inches … much props to my wife. It was amazing! Thanks to everyone who checked in on us.

All I can say is … I’m glad she looks like Mom!

Congrats HIH!!!

Life will never be the same but you will never regret it.

Personally, I’m beginning to struggle with the idea of my oldest son graduating from high school in 6 weeks. Seems like yesterday that he was being tossed around in the stands at basketball games, I had plenty of sitters for 2 hours.

congrats man another niner baby born into a world of gold and green

Congrats! What HP said, you better believe it.



[b]All I can say is ... I'm glad she looks like Mom![/b]

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: I say the same thing about mine.

Congrats HIH!!! We’ll have the student section filled before we know it. :smiley:

Congrats, thanks for sharing!!

clt endorses this kid.

Congrats!! Pix??

Congratulations HIH! Welcome to the wonderful world of poopy diapers!!!

Congratz HIH :thumbsup:

Big congrats HiH, welcome to parenthood!!! Somebody needs to stop by Gray’s and buy this man a onesie!!

Congrats!!!..now, trade me Brian Roberts!