OT: potty training state fans...




The student sections at college football games are usually a little unruly, but student leaders at North Carolina State University just want the urinating to stop.

This from the same school that last year stated they had a Top 10 basketball program.


This should remind us ALL what the idiocy of a few “fans” can do to an ENTIRE school and its reputation in the eyes of the rest of the world. Keep this in mind when you young dudes/chicks are "representin’ " as NINER fans, especially at away games, at WalMart or just in your freakin’ driveway. The rest of us die-hard NINERS will appreciate it.

I have a friend that is a recent state alumn and so I asked him about it and he said that their student ticket system involves a lottery where you print your tickets off of the internet, so somehow multiple copies of tickets were being allowed into the game or something… Just sad.