OT: Prayers requested

[SIZE=4][COLOR=green][B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hey guys, I got a PM from one of our former “foes,” kpigout from the old CUSA board. As you know, he has a son who was born with severe disabilities.[/FONT][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[QUOTE]Just wanted to give you a heads up that Tyler is having another surgery this Wednesday at 7am. He has developed scoliosis, pretty severely, and it has to be taken care of. They are gonna fuse his entire back and insert titanium rods. It will take about 5-6 hours, and he will be in the hospital for 7-10 days. He will be out of school for about 2-3 months.

If you could, say a little prayer for him on Wednesday. We need all the good thoughts we can get . Poor little guy has been thru so much, and doesn’t deserve this.[/QUOTE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=Green][B][FONT=Comic Sans MS]This child is such a trooper and in times like this, school allegiances don’t seem to matter too much, no matter how much we may rant and rave. So tomorrow night and Wednesday, take a brief moment to remember Tyler, Kirk and his family during this rough time.


my prayers go out to your family. good luck lil man

Kirk, I’m sorry to hear this man. My family’s thoughts and prayers are with Tyler and your family.

Soi sorry to hear that. My prayers are with Tyler and his family.

Prayers are with the little guy and your family

kpig is solid guy and Tyler is a tough kid.

Thoughts and prayer to you both kpig.

Hope and pray all is going well now.

Thanks for all the thoughts guys. Tylers surgery went well. Almost 7 hours. His surgery was on wednesday the 30th, and on Friday, he had a partial lung collapse, which kept him in ICU till tuesday of this week. After that, he progressed much quicker than expected, and came home yesterday. Let me tell y’all, he is one helluva tough little boy. He is taking very little pain meds, and is kicking his legs and smiling at everybody already. It’s still a long ways to go, but he is a real trooper.

Very positive update. Glad things went well and he’s maintaining his spirits. It’s a lot easier to heal up when you are in the right state of mind like that.

Keep us posted

Good news kpig. He’ll be back to assisting you in BBQing in no time!

good news Kpig! Will keep the good thoughts and prayers going!

Great news! The kids a trooper alright!