OT: Ricky Clemons to JCSU or Livingstone?

Looks like Ricky Clemons is trying to get into either Livingstone (in Salisbury) or JC Smith (both Division II). From much of what I’ve read, the new coach at Livingstone doesn’t want anything to do with the former Mizzou Tiger who played his high school ball at Charlotte Christian and A. L. Brown in Kannapolis.

SalisburyPost.com: Clemons has applied for admission into Livingstone

STLToday.com: Clemons applies to N.C. school

STLToday.com: Coach at N. Carolina college says Clemons isn’t on team

Just a little discrepency between what the Salisbury and St. Louis newpapers are reporting…

Salisbury Post: Clemons has been close to new Livingstone coach James Stinson since he was a youngster.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: …Livingstone College basketball coach James Stinson said on Friday that he didn’t know Ricky Clemons and didn’t want Clemons to play for him…

Hmmm… :rolleyes:

Anyway, if Clemons does end up at either Livingstone or Smith, then there’s one of our two exhibitions against D II competition. Put Basden on him and we’ll see how good “Bad Boy” Ricky really is! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought he was done. He’s pretty good(played in summer league). If he goes to Smith, they should have a very good team this year.