OT: Sun-Times sportswriter lambasts Leitao

Chicago Sun-Times: Cavalier approach shows in Leitao, not in Lenti Ponsetto

Well, Mr. Couch is entitled to his opinion. Should get his facts right, though… :rolleyes:

[b]Whatever happens with Dave Leitao now, whether he leaves for Virginia or stays as DePaul's coach, his relationship with Blue Demons fans is broken.

Think about this: DePaul gave him his first head coaching job, and after just two years, he interviewed for another job.[/b]

Wow, 2 mistakes in that 2nd paragraph!

First, Leitao was the head coach at Northeastern, 1994-96.

Second, he’s been the coach at DePaul for THREE years (2 NITs, 1 NCAA)!

In addition, Mr. Couch is not very creative in his list of prospective replacements should Leitao take the job in Charlottesville:

[b]Digger Phelps' name keeps popping up. I'd look at Gillen, and also Duke assistant Chris Collins. But my first choice would be Rick Majerus, who would love Chicago, would stay, would win and would bring an instant national name.[/b]
Digger Phelps...Pete Gillen...Rick Majerus?!!! Might as well bring back Fat Pat Kennedy! :P

how about lefty driesell, I hear that hubie brown is available now, or maybe even phog allen’s ghost!

What about Norm Sloan?

Norman Dale.