OT: Terps are "unbeatable"

From SI.com:

Maryland’s Caner-Medley freed on bail in Maine

I particularly like this line from the story:

[Nik] “Caner-Medley was there, yelling,” said Lt. Vern Malloch, reading from the report. "He took his shirt off and threatened to assault [the complainant]. [Caner-Medley’s] friends were trying to restrain him. He was intoxicated and made a statement, ‘I’m from Maryland, and nobody can beat me.’

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Don’t mess with those UM fighting turtles!


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A factual recreation of that nights event

Caner-Medley decides to go to the bar

Drink Caner-Medley, Drink

Uh Oh Look’s Like Somebodies Drunk, Oh No Caner-Medley decides to show off

And The Crowd Goes Wild
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Uh Oh Looks Like Somebody’s Had A Little Too Much
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The Cops come and Arrest The Fool, but now he’s got to face Coach Williams, who is not a happy Camper
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Looks Like Somebody Won’t Be Drinking Again in a While

The End