OT: Was Eguene Armstrong a UNCC grad?

I heard that the American hostage that was executed yesterday was a UNCC graduate.

Those terrorists need to die by being drowned in pig’s blood.

No but supposidely Jack Hensley, one of the remaining hostages is a UNCC grad…wife and 13-yr old daugther live in Charlotte…

[b]wife and 13-yr old daugther live in Charlotte... [/b]

No, they live in Marietta, GA. It’s been all over the news - the crews have been outside of her home.

His brother lives in Charlotte - Article in Observer

According to today’s AJC, Jack Hensley is a Marietta, GA native who was a 1977 UNC Charlotte graduate. He does have a wife and 13 year old daughter in Marietta and family that lives in Charlotte.

Please keep him, his family and the other hostage in your thoughts and prayers.


Man, I hope divine intervention takes place NOW because if it doesn’t happen then those guys will share the same fate as every other American that has been taken hostage.

Prayers for the family and the hostages.

They’re now saying he has been killed as well. :frowning:


Why are American still there/living there- I thought they told them to get out. Very sad, something needs to be done.

Pcon I’ve never understood why an non-military American would ever consider living and working in Iraq. As much as I hate giving in to those sick bastards, I’d have to get my ass out of there if people are getting their heads hacked off.

Speaking of that, a guy who can calmly cut a live man’s head off isn’t interested in any cause. No matter what country you’re from, that’s just a barbaric phsycho killer.

Thank God for big ass oceans and the common sense I have not to go to Iraq to make a living.