OT: Younger Wat follows dad to Mizzou

I had wondered where Marcus Watkins would end up…

The Tigers lost Arthur Johnson, Rickey Paulding, Travon Bryant and Josh Kroenke, who contributed 45 points and 19.6 rebounds per game last season. Four freshmen and a transfer – Marcus Watkins, who came to Missouri from Texas A&M after his father, Melvin, was named associate coach – will be asked to help replace that production.

SI.com: Missouri opens with new look, new arena

Here’s their new arena:

Live Webcam for Paige Sports Arena

PDF Brochure for MU new arena

Check out Page 3 of the PDF. Pretty cool rendering. The arena looks better than I first thought. I like the big M on the seats. Gives the place some character when empty.

The younger Watkins will not fit in there, he doens’t already have a rap sheet.

This may give a clue as to why Mel Watt was glad to leave Charlotte. Obviously, our program is run quite a bit differently than MUs. I am glad ours is run cleanly.