"Other" Curry and "Other" Vouyoukas commit

[URL=http://www.charlotte.com/596/story/286877.html][B]Davidson won’t get the younger Curry[/B][/URL], Charlotte Observer

HP, I saw that while reading the Big O at lunch. If the younger Vouyoukas applies himself the entire four years he’s at Davidson, then he should be a good one. Ian’s problem was that he he got better year by year, which resulted in a great junior year, followed by a so-so senior season that sabotoged any serious NBA consideration.

If Seth has a freshman season similiar to his brother’s, then Seth Greenberg should resign at VT. I will assume he made the same offer to Seth Curry as he did to Stephen – “I will take you as a walk-on.” :rolleyes:

having seen seth play multiple times, stephen is a much better player. Liberty is the type of school I would have seen seth going to play for