Other Schools' Success

I am drawing some ideas together about ways to approach Housing about student support for football. Being an RA for almost 2 years, our campus housing is dying to get students involved as well as keep students in housing. Football is a great answer to their mission. I can present many ideas for football programs for the RAs which they will eat up but I would also like to be able to show (hopefully) an increase of on campus student housing at universities that just added football programs. I can’t use ODU b/c football has not yet begun. I can use some of the schools listed on charlotte49erfootball.com but the student population is not the best comparison. Simply, the variance would bring my investigation into question. So if you have an opportunity, could you please send me a pm or reply of universities that added football recently to their [I]active[/I] athletic programs. Ones that have been in play for a few years to up to 10 years would be best. Thanks!
I want to help circus out in any way I can and the CFI should probably be involved too. I'm sure this is just another step that can help our cause. We (CFI) need to do this research anyway for our reports and whatnot so I figured this would be a good time.

If you know any sites on the internet that tell how long a school has had a program, please post it. If you know any schools that recently started a program post them aswell. What do we want to set as “recently”? I’d say within the past 10-15 years probably is good. We could go older tho.

Just so y’all know, I looked at the official NCAA site and Wikipedia already and they don’t just have a list of when the programs started that I could find.

This was also posted already on this topic:

Thats a good idea! Glad to have you on board.

Are you sure the differince in the number of students at other schools and ours would be a problem? I mean if they have 10K and we have 20K, we could still just use the percentage increase of students that stay on campus and whatnot couldnt we?

But if you’re sure its a problem, I’m sure we can do some reasearch and find some school in the 20K region.

I plan to still contact the three schools we have under Success Stories and get staff opinions and stories, etc. but Coastal Carolina has the largest enrollement out of the three at 6,115. The other two are in the 1000 to 2000 range. I will still calculate the numbers of these schools though to show what a difference football can make on the unity of the school. Thanks again for all the help!

Im sure just googling stuff, should be able to find something. Thats what I do all day for the research part of my job

Oh yes, what I mean by that is, I would like to help.