Our coaches salary will tell a lot

NLP, Jimmyhat and I were talking at halftime about this. I think that we’ll know quite a bit by our aspirations (how soon to FBS) with the salary associated with our HC. IIRC, ODU’s coach makes $300k, so if we are in that realm, I don’t see us fast-tracking to FBS. If we come out and drop $400k+ on a coach, it will tell us all we need to know.

Rose said money won't be an object. The coach will make a base salary of [b]$175,000 (bonuses and perks not included)[/b], which is in line with what other NCAA Football Championship Subdivision coaches in the UNC system are making.

From October article:

To be fair ODU’s coach was hired for about 175k base. After they had the attendance figures and wins produced last year he got the bump.

There’s some truth to what you say, but it won’t be the whole story. Our money situation now does not change even if we are planning to fast track to FBS. I’m sure we will have a range in mind based on our current budget, and see what kind of candidates we get. Each candidate should be informed of what our intentions are and asked candidly how they feel about it and what their plans are. Whoever the coach that gets hired and whatever we pay him, the rate will be a lot higher once we make the leap to FBS. If they are really successful, it could be 3x-4x more than their hiring rate in 5-6 years if we move up that soon.