Our Scorers

Are on crack.

The box score has Curtis and Marcus with 4 TO’s each and Mitch with only 2. I call that. Mitch had way more than 2 TO’s. He had the one at the end of regulation, he had at least 2 in the first half and one more in the 2nd half. They are counting the wrong guys for TO’s in an attempt to pretty up Mitch’s A/TO ratio in order to brag about it.

Edit my boxscore has changed and shows Curt with 4, Marcus with 3 and Mitch with 3.

I doubt that’s the reason. What purpose would there be in doing that?

Statkeepers often pad assist totals but they are giving other guys the blame for Mitch’s errors. He threw a bad pass at the end of regulation and at least 2 or 3 times earlier threw the ball right into the hands of the Dayton defender. However he also threw passes that his guys couldn’t get to and they bobbled it or tipped it. They must be counting it against those players when in reality it’s Mitch’s TO.

This frustrates me b/c I don’t like masking a players flaws at the expense of his teammates. I don’t care if he is a senior PG, if he plays like crap the stats should reflect it.