Out of CBS Sportsline poll

CBS Sportsline top 25

15th at one point.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Nov 23 2004, 05:01 PM [b] And yes, it's been updated. It shows us at 1-1.

CBS Sportsline top 25 [/b]

Not sure the title “experts” could apply to this group, but hey I’ll take it.

We lose at home to Rutgers and we move up? That can’t be right. <_< :unsure:

i don’t think they had last nights games factored in , louisville moved up too.

Doyel rules!

Yeah, it hasn’t been updated yet (At least not at the time I’m posting). It says that the records are updated daily (Why we’re 2-1) but the standings are updated every Monday. So, sometime later today, we’ll see.

No more Charlotte. We’ll need to get to 7-1 going into to Indiana to get back in picture.

Let’s have no more talk of polls…we lost to Rutgers…at home. I still can’t believe that happened. We shouldn’t be in any polls…not getting votes, not on the fringe of getting in, nothing. We lost to Rutgers…at home.

Shooting 10 of 26 from the free throw line, we don’t even belong in D1.