Pac 12 Commissioner suggests moving the Hoops season back one month

Pac-12 Deputy Commissioner Jamie Zaninovich wants to start a discussion about pushing the both the beginning and end of the basketball season back a month, thus making it a one semester sport.

This isn’t a Pac-12 initiative, but rather a request to take a long look at the benefits and drawbacks—both on the court and in the classroom—of a change in the season’s schedule. It would begin in mid-December, after final exams, in the relative quiet period between the football conference championship games and marquee bowl games. This would push the Final Four back from the first week in April to the first week in May. By pushing the start of the season back, it would give college basketball a cleaner window—and less competition from college football—to start the season. It would also give the sport less competition in the final months, as a conference season starting around Feb. 1 would help the sport escape the shadow of both college football and the NFL.

i like it.

Trade March Madness for April Anarchy?

It would end as the NBA playoffs basically begin as well. Be a good spot. Makes sense if people could get over it not being March Madness anymore.

This would eliminate one problem for some coaches: players screwing up their lineups by losing their eligibility after the fall semester.