Pac-12 struggles

clt is reporting interest from the pac 12 in adding Charlotte

I’m pushing for it!


Should be a one bid league, performance not money is what should determine who goes where. Stuff like this can seriously help out the G5 if a couple of these P5 leagues fall off. Granted the ACC should not be getting horrible teams in the tourney like they have the past couple years. Cuse last year was some complete crap.

Didn’t see any reason to start a new thread:

Scott may be looking for a new job in light of this:

That’s amazingly crass. The ACC is looking for a new commissioner. Their schools can pass the hat to help him pay off that interest free loan. as part of their signing bonus

clt says we should send them the cusa commish

They looking for an east coast school? If not…

They hired a tennis guy to run a football operation. I am not sure what they expected.

The guy made $50 mil to lead the Pac 12 into irrelevancy.