Panthers Flag Football Tourney/April 2nd & 3rd

Hi Everyone,

Is there anybody on this board that can play some serious Flag Football ? I need 3 guys that can flat out BRING IT ! :slight_smile:

It’s 4 X 4, then 2 subs are allowed, the entry fee has already been paid and we practice every Sat or Sun in Concord, I live in Albemarle.

I play ball almost everyday and have been doing it for years, our team from last year went it’s seperate ways, now I have to rebuild, we dam near won it all last year ! :lol: I have 1 WR flying out from Denver to play, he goes 6ft 4in 188lbs with good speed. I play MLB, I go 5ft 11in 237lbs, I am an older guy but TRUST ME, I can play with you youngun’s ! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are interested shoot me a email at or you can visit me at My Webpage, I am 1/2 of the Admin for the site.

I am ALWAYS ready to play, let me know where to meet ya and I will be there.

Looks like you should be playing tackle football.

Hi NinerUpNorth :slight_smile:

Well, normaly I do, but at 41 I guess I need to be just a little careful. :rolleyes:
I do play CONTACT Flag Ball, it can be pretty rough too !

My Webpage

I appreciate hearing from some of you guys, if you could commit we would be in business, however I understand, ANYBODY ELSE ? :slight_smile:

I don’t play much flag football these days, but if anyone is into some no limit texas hold-em, I’m always down for a game. :cool: :cool:

Bump for exposure. :slight_smile:

I’m the best receiver you’ll never throw the ball to until the last regular season game when you finally figure out I can catch anything.

Sorry, that role gets old.

Just sent ya a email NinerLoud&Proud, GET WITH ME. B)

I’ll be in Charlotte all day Sat. :slight_smile: