Panthers PSLs

I will not be renewing my season tickets and looking to sell 2 PSLs, Sec 520, row 14. The guy beside is not renewing his 2 tickets either and are also available. Send me a message for info.

Just curious, how has resale been on your tickets or did you go to all of the games? I know some that could sell a few home games over face where it helped make up for the games they went to. Almost like break even.

General question for other PSL holders, can some tickets be thought of as an investment? Whereas you sell majority of them making the few you go to “free”?

My former company had PSL’s and they could be seen as an investment if the Panthers played home games deep into the playoffs. Otherwise, I don’t see them as an investment opportunity.

We used our tickets most of the time. A few times we sold them thru the Panthers website. For us, as we get older, the 1.5 hr ride seems longer and longer. Will sell at a huge discount from Panther’s pricing.