Passing of Chancellor Gaber’s Daughter

Very sad news. Heart goes out to Chancellor Gaber and her family during this difficult time.

What in the world happened?

That’s terrible news. My prayers and sympathies go out to Chancellor Gaber and this young lady’s other family and friends.


No clue. I just met her at the Spring Game a few weeks ago and got the email today from a fellow alumni.

Far too young.

My heart goes out to her family and friends. I hope that can find solace in each other in this trying time by keeping her memory alive.

The is the worst nightmare of any loving parent

So very sorry to hear. My prayers are with her and the family.

So sorry to hear this. Prayers to her family.

Very sadden to hear this. Prayers to her family.

Truly tragic loss of such a vibrant young woman.

No cause shared?

They usually aren’t.

the way the obituary read it was Cancer

Very sad to hear and just a year younger than my own daughter.

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