Penner and Mack

Penner and Mack are giving us some good Pub and talking about the lack of TV on the Depaul Game.

Eddie Basden was on and spoke about advancing in the tournament.

Stayed in the car to hear Eddie. Love the guy…his best quote was to Penner–“We’re all about the bizness” lol…

They did note in the segment previous that it was a damn shame that Andy Katz of ESPN said Charlotte-DePaul was a top 5 game in the nation this week, and casual observers in CHARLOTTE cant even watch the game on TV ANYWHERE. I agree. I think my high school had better marketing. Hell, my championship wrestling match was on TV, now thats pathetic (but, hey, I won :stuck_out_tongue: )

This weekend I noticed that USC had a game against Auburn on the SC public tv station. I wonder if this would be a viable option for us to do something like that on WTVI, Charlotte’s public TV station?

They also had Gump sing happy birthday to Eddie.

Eddie said their main goals for the season were:

  1. Go undefeated at home. (Crossed that one off early)
  2. Win the regular season conf. title.
  3. Win 3 games in CUSA Tourney to win that title.
  4. Make a run to the elite 8.

He also said he’s not too big on playing Playstation but Goldwire, Curt, and Drayton are.

noticed it was eddies birthday by his shirt

When Penner left WFNZ a few years back and went to a new station (in Florida if I’m not mistaken), there was an in-studio photo of him on his new station’s web site and he was wearing a Niners T-shirt. Which is amazing in and of itself seeing how it’s easier to find an AK-47 for sale than decent Niners gear. Penner has always been a decent Niners supporter. All the more reason to change the station or turn the radio off when his show ends.