Performing Arts Schedule 2015

My wife and I have made it a point this year to attend some of the performing art events at UNC Charlotte. They are generally of decent or better quality, cheap, and entertaining.

We went to the Jazz Ensemble a couple of weeks ago. While the format is fairly laid back, and certainly not very polished, the music itself was rather enjoyable. I’m definitely glad I went, even with the 30 minute drive.

Tonight we and a friend are going to watch the Chamber Orchestra. Both of these are in Belk Theater at Robinson Hall which is a wonderful place to view an intimate show.

We also plan to attend a play as well.

I find these events to be under-advertised, unknown in the general community, but very worthwhile performances. Anyone else attend these events?

I have wanted to find something to go to, but on the rare occasion that I think about it the options do not grab me. Good for you for going though.

I’ve gone to some performances. It’s hit or miss. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes you’re running for the exit at intermission it’s so godawful.

I played in a few of the jazz combos during my last few years in school (I was a double major before realizing I was better off just pursuing engineering). I’d always stick around or come early to catch the other groups playing. Always enjoyed the jazz performances.

I performed in or attended a number of the “classical” performances as well, they can be an entertaining night if you’re into that kind of music.

I wondered why gallery shows in the Rowe weren’t promoted more, they’d be cool to check out.

Great show tonight. Not perfect, but definitely entertaining.

So, kinda like Niners athletics? :slight_smile:

I’ve heard good things about Sonnet Slam.