Persinger: Observer done with AP football poll

Persinger: Observer will get out of poll that influences BCS mess

Bravo, Mike. I wish more papers would take the same stand.

Because they wouldn’t have given a boost to any ACC team if the whole Texas thing was on our end? :ph34r: I remember last year when 5 ACC teams were preseason top 15, the turtles and wolfpack being like 4 and 5 or somthing. I am so PROUD of you Charlotte Observer

AP Poll Pulls out of BCS

Perhaps it’s finally time to look at a playoff like I-AA does…

This is good Mike, but you guys (the AP and press in general) are the ones that will have to turn up the heat if a playoff is going to happen in the next 10 years. Much of the alumni bases in college football would prefer a playoff, but they aren’t going to take a stand against their own schools to get one. Until the critics ride the current system enough to where the football bosses can’t take it anymore, the Bull Crap System will remain. I would prefer a 32-team playoff, but at minimum 16 teams should get in a la I-AA. If you restrict the regular season to 12 weeks, and only allow teams to play 11 games, then they can all be done by Thanksgiving. Start the playoffs the first week in December and the real Championship game would be played pretty much when it is now. If they still want to play the meaningless bowl games, then they can still occur after teams lose out. The teams that don’t make the playoffs can still play in the .com Bowls so that they are not excluded. The only real kink is what to do with the conference championship games.