Pewter Front Plates For Car

Does anyone know if the campus bookstore carries those (heavy) pewter looking university plates that go on the front of your vehicle? And if so, do they have any alumni ones? Haven’t been over there in a while and it’s hard for me to get over there during their normal business hours but I can probably run on a lunch break if I know for sure it’s worth my trip.

We got one from Gray’s I believe - head to the game early Friday and stop by.

Don’t know about the bookstore JCL, but Gray’s had several the last time I was in there. They were $20. It has the athletic logo with “alumni” blended into it. I have one on my truck. :smiley:

Thanks to the both of ya…forgot about Gray’s and that’s even more convenient. Will swing by before we whip LBS. :slight_smile: