PFT: NFL has a Jerry Richardson situation with Daniel Snyder

Good read. I think Snyder has made it apparent that the only way he will relinquish the team is through his cold, dead hands. He needs to go.

However, this sentence makes me cringe.

With obscenely rich and powerful and aggressive people like NFL owners, there can be a commonness of not only acting in a brutish and entitled way, but also, simply, of being able to pay people off when they try to speak out.

It’s apparent the journalists were biased in this story. I’m not defending Snyder, from all accounts he is a grade A POS. But to lump all owners into that group really discounts your story.

More pressing issue for WFT

Well the uber rich do have the ability to just pay people off. That isn’t unique to NFL owners, it’s all of them.

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You are correct but it’s a story about sexual misconduct. I certainly understand the insinuation when the word commonness is used without any proof.

I guess I feel it’s likely very common at that level for all kinds of behaviors that would get you and I in trouble.

I don’t think it’s common for NFL owners to engage is sexual misconduct and then pay someone off. That’s the insinuation.

Maybe I am naive.

Yeah, its a good thing the players don’t ever do this sort of thing.

Maybe I’m cynical but I feel like this happens all the time not just for wealthy NFL owners but also wealthy dudes period. The folks I know with a ton of money are mostly assholes and they aren’t close to NFL owner wealthy.