Phil and the Promotion of our School

Tonight the 2006 NCAA football season will kickoff is Starkville, Mississippi. Mississippi State will battle South Carolina in a town where the Gamec0ckss head coach, Steve Spurrier, has never won. The NFL preseason will be wrapping up with the always atrocious 4th week of games so most sports fans will have their eyes on Starkville of all places, but don’t expect Chancellor Dubois to be part of it.

This weekend his alma mater California-Davis, yep even they have a football team, will open its 88th football season at Northern Colorado. But seriously, Phil DuBois will not even check the score online. [SIZE=1][I]*edited thanks to run’s information[/I][/SIZE]

This weekend, Wisconsin, where he went to grad school, will open up things at Bowling Green. It doesn’t matter if this game will be on TV or not, Phil will not be watching.

Monday, Florida Sate and Miami will be playing against each other in what will be an always great battle on national televion. Again, Phil will be working on promote our school.

Also, tonight, at least 10 freshmen will watch tonight’s game, look at one of the new friends and ask “who do we play this weekend?” Only to then be let down when their friend replies, “Are you kidding me? We don’t have a football team.” In at least half of those cases when the freshman asks “Why?” their friends will say something about Bonnie Cone’s son, or grandson (I can’t remember which one I was told), being injured in a pee wee football game.

Where will Dubois be the next few days? Phil will be tireless working hard to increase the reputation of our school in other ways, thinking of possible memorial statues for our campus, brining in light rail, etc. The promotion of our school is way too important to Phil to worry about anything on TV the next few days. He wants to get the name of UNC-Charlotte, or is it UNCC, or UNC Charlotte, or simply Charlotte….let me start all over. He wants to promote UNC Charlotte on a national scale.

But how will he do it? How will one man lead a mission of bringing up the reputation and promote a young, growing, thriving school on such a scale. Certainly money will help, but where, where do we get the money? Alumni, yes the alumni, the alumni can donate the money, and the ones who work for companies that match donations, that will surely help. How do we get them to take pride in the school, how do we get them to come back to the area? The local businesses can help as well, Charlotte is growing at an incredible rate, and we must ride the wave of cash flow that is going on in our area.

I trust Phil as a great leader. I only hope that he has a half of a brain to come to a realization after his hard efforts this weekend.

[QUOTE=ninerID;186616]This weekend his alma mater California will play Tennessee in a cross country match up that will help shape up the bowl projections months away.[/QUOTE]

FWIW, Dubois is actually a graduate of the University of California at Davis, not UC Berkeley. DI-AA #21 UC Davis opens its 88th football season on Saturday at Northern Colorado.

I thought this was going to be about Phil Jones. I’m sure he will be helping to promote our school! :slight_smile:


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