Phil Dubois Announces Retirement

Just came in through student email. Phil is out effective next June.

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Woot! In all seriousness, he’s done some great things for Charlotte, though he and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on many things (med school, rankings services, athletics, etc.). All the same, he deserves to retire with dignity and an appreciation for the good he did and the energy/effort he brought to his role.


Not soon enough!

Can we get Mike Hill to hire the next chancellor?


NO. We don’t want Holden Thorpe.

Love the references I’ve seen saying he “brought football “ to our U. We all know the reality is he could no longer stand in the way once we got the big ol’ NINER green snowball rolling. I still have to laugh and wince every time I see Phil get any credit for our having football now. :laughing:

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I love in this one he talks about trying to get people to call it “UNC Charlotte” instead of “UNCC” since 1991. SIR, HAVE YOU HEARD DEFINITION OF INSANITY?

Yeah, this: “He also brought Division 1 football and all its trimmings to campus, giving students and alumni a new slice of traditional college life.”


I’m not sure how much credit he gets for light rail, either, besides not opposing it (sounds like football). The feds weren’t going to fund the light rail extension unless it came to campus.

Not opposing it is a big thing, as Durham learned to its sorrow recently with Duke.


Search committee named:

clt asks if obama has commented yet

Mark Doughton is a huge fan of this board! Great news! /s

I had a C average. Will that disqualify me for their consideration as next Canceler? I promise to make all of your wildest dreams come true, if selected


Does it seem awfully coincidental that Dubois announced his retirement just before “Plane pulling a Banner” season began?


He’s mentioned more than once about wanting to leave on his own terms.

I was thinking the same thing this AM.