Pine Island Country Club

I’ve seen something on here before with people talking about this country club and saw that it was owned by a Niner alum. Do any of you on here know him personally? I’d really like to talk with the gentleman who owns the club since Charlotte School of Law is moving so close to it. I was hoping that we might be able to work something out that could be a win-win for all parties involved.

If anyone knows him or has his contact information and could get it to me, that would be great! Thanks in advance!

According to their website, Larry Yount is General Manager. I’m sure he could put you in contact with the owner.
704-409-7460 is phone number listed, or email at

I saw that, I was just hoping to get an alum reference to get my foot in the door before I try to go seek the owner through management. They usually resist that type of thing.

Congrats on the recommendation for accreditation, by the way.

Charlotte Law offered some good money…it’s definitely on the list. Final decision in the next two weeks! Stay tuned!

Thanks! Im trying to work us out a deal so we can play golf regularly at a location close to the school for a reasonable rate at a nice course. Would be a nice perk as well!

Ninercentral, check PM

Larry Griffin.

Call Nick in the Alumni office 704-687-2656. He’ll hook you up. I recommend contacting the Alumni office for anything like this.

the owner is a chi phi alum, we hold our annual golf tournament there every year. Sorry i didnt address your question, but i was just a little prideful.

Thanks Halton and Lefty. It looks like I will be calling Nick on Monday and trying to get in touch. Also, after reading a little bit more the Griffin Brothers seem to have a long sighted view of their investments, which could be very good for this prospect.

My company usually has their annual regional conference there, and I went last year. Pretty nice establishment.