Players Leaving/Returning

Jon Davis - Declared
Ryan Murphy - Returning

I think White fits in well with Sanchez. Garvin and Murphy too.

For those that didn’t listen to the Hill interview today, he mentioned that he had told Sanchez to reach out to the incoming recruits and Sanchez responded that he already had all of their contact information to do so.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we lose some incoming recruits, but I feel pretty good about keeping them given that Price was fired a while back and there was little doubt that Fancher was getting fired too, yet none of them decommitted.

Although some here don’t like the hire, it has been highly regarded nationally, so I think all those glowing news articles will help us keep the guys signed.

I’d be shocked if Robb comes.

He liked yesterdays Charlotte 49ers official account tweet about what others are saying about Sanchez.

Anything can happen, but that’s a good sign.

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My thoughts are that if the guys don’t fit or buy into what he has to sell they are better off not coming or staying. I hope they all do, but the guys that are here were recruited as an up and down team. This is a 180 from that style so don’t be shocked if some leave.

I think Bigelow would fit well and would love to have Mangum and Robb

Stay here and be part of solution fellas. I did in 90s and got an NCAA ring for it.

I think we finally have the chops to keep these guys incoming and here

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Do we really want the incoming recruits to stay committed? I don’t know enough about them. I only know that Price’s recruiting was sub par up until this point.

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It depends on what Sanchez wants. They are all top 300 guys imo with potential

Mangum and Robb both have been considered steals that would have gone high major if they had waited until the late signing period to commit / sign.

I don’t know as much about Bigelow.

Bigelow carried his team deep into the playoffs and had a very good game against Cox Mill. He retweeted the Sanchez hire.

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clt asks if we have to release the recruits after signing a LOI?

No we don’t have to, but Sanchez said he would honor whatever they wanted to do.

clt says they should give it a shot. It is still the same world class school now with a light rail connection to uptown.

They signed up for Run n Gun basketball, so I’d definitely let them go if they want.

I’ll admit I didn’t follow last year’s team all that much. Are there any players other that Davis that we would mind actually leaving? I mean, we sucked. I understand we need bodies, but that would be all they would be. No idea yet if new coach could make the suck go away with present players.

Davis, White and Garvin and then there is the rest. Garvin based on what I still think he could be maybe.

I thought Murphy and Supica played well also. You have to remember that these guys are freshmen. Murphy scored 27 against ODU and was playing well when he got injured. Supica flashed in games, but needs to improve FT shooting and his outside shot. His inside game is pretty good for a freshman. Even Vasic had a double double against UTSA. Individually most players showed some good things overall, but they were all very inconsistent and couldn’t seem to play as a single unit. I would be very interested to see how these guys would look with an off-season under a different defensive style along with some different coaching. The new coaching staff needs to get these players playing as a team and not individuals.

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Maybe it was hopeful thinking but I always felt like our team this year was much less than the sum of the parts. I’m hopeful we keep the kids we had this year, as well as our recruits, and make the team greater than the sum of the parts. And then build off that.

I would agree with that but I feel like this team mailed it in most of the season. We were still a bad team but if Sanchez could light a fire under most of the current roster it would go along away in getting things turned around.