I finished 10-3, #1 in my 12 team league.

But before I get too cozy, I think I drew and underseeded opponent - this guy somehow finished 8th in our league, which is ridiculous given who his QB is.

I’m uploading both of our rosters. Most of my starts are “yeah, duh” decisions, but am a little nervous about QB and WR. Keep in mind, I lost Matt Schaub and my #2 WR, so I kinda have some bums left, and i think it’s made me vulnerable. I’ve attached both of our rosters. In case it isn’t obvious, mine is the one with Arian Foster & Rob Gronkowski:

Need some help:
I need to play two of the following wr’s
Brown in pit
Boldin in bal
LRobinson in dal
Miles Austin in Dal.
I don’t want to play both cowboy receivers, but I need tomplay one of them so do I start
Brown or boldin?
Robinson or Austin?

I didnt see what Austin and Robinson did last week, but hasn’t Robinson been outperforming Austin for a while now?

Austin missed 3 or 4 weeks recently :frowning: