Pleasant Surprise

Everyone expected our backcourt to be our achilles this year, but they stepped it up big against UAB. Between Plav and Mitch they played outstanding last night. Both shot 50% from the field, Mitch was 9-11 from the line and had 7 assists, Plav had 6 boards, 4 assists and 16 points, each only had 2 TO’s!!! That’s the way you beat pressure. I just wish our front court would cool down on the TO’s (Eddie and Curt a combined 12…eek!!). Great win though. Shame I had to leave Picasso’s at halftime to go do my homework :frowning: .

Turnovers killed us last night. Had we protected the ball better (particularly in the paint), then that game wouldn’t have been nearly as close down the stretch. That’s been a problem for us this year and it can really counter a lot of the good things you do. I agree that our backcourt played extremely well last night and we’ll need that to be a constant as the season progresses. I’m also impressed with Plav’s recent rebouncing success. When a SG his size can grab over 5 a game, then either he’s hustling his butt off or the other team is missing the deep ball shots. I think it’s a little of both.

You can’t really ask for better numbers than what we got from Plav and Mitch last night. If they play that well consistently, we’ll be very tough to beat, especially if we start protecting the ball better and playing better defense.

[i]Originally posted by 49erFan1[/i]@Jan 13 2005, 06:54 AM [b] Shame I had to leave Picasso's at halftime to go do my homework :( . [/b]
Homework rots your brain.
[b]Shame I had to leave Picasso's at halftime to go do my homework[/b]

You’re kidding, right? :blink:

Someone doesn’t have their priorities right, games night always comes before schoolwork! :lol:

What kind of professor assigns homework on gamenight? Blasphemy.

TOs are what happen to every team against UAB. You just accept that, and hope you can do everything else right to win.

Pretty much every time we got the ball in our halfcourt set, we scored.
The only times we didn’t is when we turned it over (obvious) or rushed a shot when we did manage to break the press. Other than that we scored at will, or got the offensive board.

I know Curt has had TO trouble this year, but you HAD to know he was going to have even more last night when he was helping break the press

[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Jan 13 2005, 07:34 AM [b] Turnovers killed us last night. [/b]
The TOs were ugly, but they didn't kill us. We won. But, our 50% shooting from 2, our 45% shooting from 3, our 77% FTs, 12+ rebound margin and Mitch's speed killed THEM. A huge game for us that was fun to watch. The jams by Nance were awesome and came at just the right time and one was featured on ESPN all night and morning. Sweet. :P