Poll: T-shirt Cost

How much would you expect and be okay with paying for a quality niners tee shirt?

  • $15
  • $20
  • $25
  • $30
  • $35
  • $40

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I would expect to pay $15. Not sure if I’m stuck in the past and that is unreasonably cheap. I voted for $25 because that’s probably the most I would pay for a regular tshirt. Although I do have a Bahamas bowl shirt and probably paid more than $25 for that.

Edit: I wouldn’t be happy with $25 but would probably buy one. Got to be a lower price point to buy multiple.

Key word for me is quality. If I pay 25$ for a t-shirt, it better be soft but stand up to washing and drying.

It’s frustrating to me that you can get an App State or ECU shirt for $10 or $15 but not a Charlotte shirt. Having a quality spectrum is fine, but students need to be able to buy in quantity at reasonable prices. The cost of a cheap tshirt is about a dollar and a half, so there is plenty of margin there.

Put me in the camp of not caring about the quality of a t-shirt. Give me something affordable. I think $20 is reasonable.

Nah, there’s some bad quality shirts out there. Some thick and scratchy. And who wants the 2” neck seam.

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clt likes the clima cool or dri fit shirts.