PoNN Marching Band at D-Day ceremony in 2018


[font=arial][size=12px]The UNC Charlotte “Pride of Niner Nation” Marching Band has been selected as the official band to represent the United States in Normandy, France, in June 2018. The performance will mark the 74th anniversary of D-Day. Each year, one band is chosen to represent the U.S. at the D-Day commemoration. The honor was historically reserved for official military bands, but in recent years has been assigned to university marching bands of distinction.[/size][/font][font=arial][/size][/font]

What a fun trip. I’d love to go visit northern France in June. Gonna be beautiful then.

Nice honor for the kids who helped start up our marching band.

Really amazing for a 1 year old program

clt daps our sec ready band.

This seems like a great honor. I hope our band gets some “local and regional recognition” for this. They deserve it.

What a tremendous honor. Phenomenal work by the band in such a short amount of time!

Congrats the band, the directors, and the school. This is a great opportunity and makes me proud to be a Niner.


All of these articles mention fundraising to help pay for the trip, but there’s no link to where you can give, to tap into the potential excitement. I’m no marketing genius, but you’d think that would be setup before putting out a press release.

This is a big deal. Congrats PoNN!