Possible Replacements for Matt Rhule?

Who on that list would you prefer?

  • Sean Payton, Free Agent
  • DeMeco Ryans, DC, San Francisco 49ers
  • Dan Quinn, DC, Dallas Cowboys
  • Leslie Frazier, DC, Buffalo Bills
  • Eric Bieniemy, OC, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Mike Kafka, OC, New York Giants
  • Ken Dorsey, OC, Buffalo Bills
  • Shane Steichen, OC, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Jonathan Gannon, DC, Philadelphia Eagles
  • Raheem Morris, DC, Los Angeles Rams

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Could / should they possibly go ahead and bring Payton in to finish out this train wreck season? Or better to let him start fresh rather than letting him be boat anchored with a bunch of pointless losses this season?

Matt Rhule? Is he S&C Coach or something?

I’d quit being a fan if we hired a scumbag like Sean Payton.

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Lutz of course!


He gone!

What did Sean Payton actually do wrong other than running an alleged bounty program?

The Panthers might would have to trade some draft picks to get Payton since he is still under contract and I don’t believe they have enough talent to give up 1st round picks.

I think his contract is up at the end of the year so they could wait till it ends.

As much as I despised him as Saints coach, if we could land him and keep our likely top 5 draft pick to get him a franchise QB, I like that idea a lot.

He is under contract until 2024

clt says you forgot Healy

What do people think of Eric Bieniemy? I’m kind of torn, maybe it’s his turn, but we would have to get either the Alabama or OSU QB’s in next years draft.

Just like the Niners need a HC that has won in college, the Panthers need a HC that has won in the NFL.

Quinn was a solid coach for Falcons. No bullshit, D forward guy. Yep Dan Quinn.

Steve Wilkes

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Stay away from Quinn, I want to keep him as DC for my Cowboys !

Wont really matter as long as Tepper owns the team. Also NFL sucks.


Marcus West!