Possible trade Ryan for Newton

Which do you like?

Matt Ryan/ Roddy White or Cam Newton/ AJ Green

Assuming it isn’t a keeper league, but I say don’t go crazy over two weeks (whether it be bad for Roddy or good for Newton). Also, Roddy’s schedule gets really easy, really quick after two tough matchups, he should go back to being elite very soon, especially in PPR.

It becomes interesting if it is a keeper league…

It’s not a keeper league. It sort of seems like a no brainer, to go with the “safe” bet. But I also don’t want to be the guy who says “Damn. I can’t believe I traded Cam newton.”

I would take roddy and Ryan in a heart beat for Newton and green

Yeah, I see that side of it too, really tempting with how Cam’s been playing and AJ was huge this week too. I just don’t trust rookies in general, that does double for Green who has a rookie QB throwing to him. I wouldn’t be shocked if Cam finished higher than Ryan, but I think White will be a lot better and more consistent than Green for the rest of the season.

I also think you could get a lot more for White. I’m not sure which side of the deal you are on, but if I had White, I would shop him, I think you can do better than a flex/WR3 and a possible upgrade at QB.