Pound it to Withers!!!

I have to rant here a little as I was at the Rutgers debacle. I know that free throws ulitmately cost us a game that we should easily have won by double digits, but the focus needs to be on Withers and not our usual come off a screen and chuck up a 3. I just couldn’t understand why our Wooden/Naismith Award Winner Nominee didn’t get more looks. He was 2-2 from 3 and was very effective when he put the ball up. I know that the team all needs to be involved, but Withers needs to be our #1 option. Much like other teams with an All-American candidate, we must give him the ball and give him the chance to set up the outside shots by being effective inside.

Just a rant, as I know many of us have complained about our offense, but Curtis needs to get the touches. We can’t continue to run our offense like we are a perimeter-oriented team. LET’S WHOOP VALPO’S A$$!!!

i’m not sure lutz knows how to set up an offense like they had with Demarco, big men on the blocks and get it to them. instead we seem to be content on giving withers ball at top of key and using his talent to make something happen.

I had been thinking about that also, NinerOne - here’s what I came up with;

  • We ran some offensive sets for Kelvin Price but he got more points from alley-ops or offensive rebounds.

  • Rodney White got the ball on the blocks some, but like Withers, he seemed to prefer to just face his man instead of backing him down.

  • I remember Lutz running several plays to get Cam Stephens the ball down low. He also had an 8’ – 10’ jumper he loved.

  • There were games last year where we got Calvin Clemmons the ball on the block (especially against George Washington). It was never very effective, but we tried it nonetheless.

I’m wondering if the reason Withers doesn’t get the ball down low is because of Coach Lutz, if it’s Curtis’ preference or maybe a combination?