Predicting the fate of US colleges

@EE9er posted this in the SB, I found it interesting:

The worksheet:

has us in the Survive category. UNCA, ODU, Gardner-Webb are in Perish, UNCG Struggle.

Am I reading this right? That, according to his model, Bama is going to be shuttering?

That’s Huntsville. 'bama is in Tuscaloosa.

“I tried to remove the tusks, but the tusks were so embedded I couldn’t. Of course, in Alabama the tusks are looser.”

No, The University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, reported enrollment of over 33k, row 298 in the table.

Ah, silly names and sorting, didn’t see that. Yeah, they say Perish.

clt says it would be embarrassing to be so irrelevant to not be included on that list

Roll over, Tide.