Predictions for Indiana

Indiana plays great defense but can’t score. Wright is their only proven scorer and has a broken nose. Yeah, watch out for another guy having a career night. IU plays man mostly but has been experimenting with more zone lately. This is a game we have to hustle, be physical and OWN THE BOARDS.

Withers, Drayton, Eddie and Iti have solid nights. Hopefully Plavich gets some good looks. They’ll be all over him. Eddie pulls us through in the end. Niners by 7.

I don’t know how quick Strickland is for them, but he is the same height as Brendan. Thus, Brendan won’t have the bigger defender on him per usual against good teams and should make it easier for him to get some good looks. Looking at the matchups, they are near equal in both height and weight with us at each position. We need to make our free throws!!!

Rebounding, defense and free throws wins this game tonight. For which team, I have no idea. :unsure:

indiana by 5

I’m pessimistic about this one. Hoosiers by 8. :frowning:

We have too much talent for them…they have talent, just real young talent. I see us getting up and then blowing a lead per usual. We still win by 4, though.

Niners by 10… Plavich goes off again… He loves a big stage…

Niners 81
Hoosiers 78

Bad snow in the area, we don’t usually play well in those away snow games, is the team traveling today ?

IU can’t score 78 in two games

Niners finally play over their heads for the first time this year:

Charlotte 65 - 62


I think we win by 8-9. I feel good about our chances against this team and I really don’t feel this Indiana team is that good. We lose IF and ONLY if, we have a TERRIBLE night from the line. If we are at 60% or bettter from the line we win. I think Withers will lead us in scoring with Plavich and Basden next in line. Patrick Ewing Jr. isn’t that good. By the way, I don’t want to see Plavich on Wright ANY tonight on defense.

Baldwin has a great game, Eddie is Eddie, and Withers breaks his slumber. Combined with continuing solid performances by Iti and Drayton. Sager ices it late with FT’s at the end.

Niners 75
IU 68

Game Predictions Quote of the Day (from the IU board):

[i]Originally posted by face divot[/i] [b] Post #158 What team will show up tonight? Reply WIll it be the lackadasical team that only scores 45 and shoots 28% from the field [b]or the high flying, high scoring offense[/b] that drops 64 on the opponent [b]shooting a white hot 38%[/b].

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Classic. That’s some quality skepticism there. B)

The flipside are the guys like Zoobar who said we are a bottom half of CUSA team and hoosierinyourface who just doesnt respect us at all.

In all honesty, I’m worried about their defense and about them making it low scoring and ugly. This could be an SLU type game for us, which I never ever like our chances in.

If Basden isn’t in Bracey Wright’s shorts all night, then I’m gonna be po’d. And we’d better hit our FTs, because I think it’s gonna be that close.

Go Niners!

Nun’s prediction:

Charlotte 67
Indiana 57

Jena says 18 inches of snow overnight. Oh, you mean GAME predictions …

Niners by 18. We’re due.

Niners by 17

No, not 17, that’s a cursed number.

Niners by 11.