Preliminary Football Parking Info Mailer

Got letter in the mail with reminder about giving requirements, deadlines, and preliminary football parking info. Doesn’t look like the giving requirements or the lot assignments have changed from last year. They don’t say how much the permit will cost this year, but wouldn’t surprise me if they made a grab for another $5. Invoices will be mailed April 7 with a due date of May 7.

[tr][td][font=verdana]Giving Contribution[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Qualifying Lot[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Appletinis and Cheese[/td][td]Gold - Ellipse Lot 23[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$2500 - $4999[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Green - CRI 2 and 2A[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$1500 - $2499[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Green - CRI 3, 1, 3A, and 1A[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$500 - $1499[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Black - Union Lot 18 and 19[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$250 - $499[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Red - Lot 27[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$150 - $249[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Blue - Lot 7 and 7A[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$49 - $149 and RVs[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]Silver - Lot 25[/font][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=verdana]$49+ and FSL owner[/font][/td][td][font=verdana]CRI, Union, West Decks[/font][/td][/tr]