Profess your 49ers love

Contact us | Are you a true college hoops fan?

We want to find 65 true fans from the Charlotte region – one for each team in the field – to follow through March Madness.

Have a bad case of Gonzaga on the brain? How about Fairleigh Dickinson, Vermont or Nevada? We want you, just as badly as we want a diehard to carry the colors for North Carolina, Charlotte, Wake, Davidson or Duke.

So if you bleed Syracuse Orange, let us know. If you have Bucky Badger or a Winthrop Eagle tucked beneath your pillow, you’re our kind of compulsive.

A couple of conditions: You have to live in the Charlotte region. You have to agree to come for a group picture before the start of the tournament, and you have to agree to talk to us on and off until a champ is picked.

Interested? Email us at

Tell us who you are, who you pull for, where you live, and why you should be the sole representative of your favorite team. Send us a photo if you have a digital copy handy.

There is no age limit. But only the truest of true-blue fans should apply.

We realize the official field won’t be picked for a while. We’re just getting started early, to find the best of the best.

I nominate lefty to represent Charlotte. :stuck_out_tongue:

[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Feb 25 2005, 02:13 PM [b] I nominate lefty to represent Charlotte. :P [/b]
Husband & wife team would prob get you in. :smirk: