prospects available

who are the prospects left that we are recruiting for basketball for our 2012 class? we need a point guard, a shooter or a big man. denzal ingram(point guard) zero stars, madison jones is still out there but i dont know if we are still recruiting him. we need a shooter and a center. are there any jucos out there that might be worth a scholarship offer. anybody know what the coaching staff is planning on doing?

we do not need a big man. We have 3 of those for next year that are not currently playing: Thorne, Clayton and Clark.

Lester is coming in and will help (from what the analysts say) scoring the ball.

Mayfield has done a pretty solid job at PG. I wouldn’t be shocked if we hold late for best available or a high major transfer.

lester is supposed to be a great shooter but he is just one player and he is a fresmen. we also lose barnett so we lose our best shooter. one pure shooter is not enough. i agree that mayfield has done a good job running the point but he is a shooting guard. i want to get a juco center who can come in, start and at least be servicable so braswell can play power forward. that is what i meant by big man. i would like to take a hard look at the point guard from new jersey. from what i read he sounds like a good player, but not a great shooter which is something that we need.

We have one open schollie right now. That is hopefully going to a guard who can shoot, I dont care juco, freshmen, whatever. But, a shooter who can put in some minutes right away.

Time will tell what we do, but we have plenty of directions to go in to fill that spot.

In today’s Big O, Wertz writes that we are interested in 6-7 junior F Mark Pollack of Charlotte Catholic. Plays AAU ball for the Charlotte Jets. High School Gameday 02.07.12 - “Hot Players”