QB Competition 2019


I agree, I think Kean will be afforded every opportunity to win the starting gig.


clt wonders about pope


In before everyone starts hating on Chris Reynolds…


I don’t hate Reynolds. I wanted him to be the guy last year. I fully expect him to compete heavily with Kean for QB1, but with Healy bringing Kean in, I think he has to be the leader to get the job.

I just don’t see it being Shirreffs. Not mobile enough and clearly not accurate enough passing the ball.


May the best man win. And hopefully win.


Of course, I just hate how some people have just brushed him aside for a unproven grad transfer.


Present with the Reynolds hate. Reynolds played in 6 games, only had 7 touchdowns. I think we can and should do better at the position.


Pope had a good spring, but Reynolds was more consistent IMO. I think Pope has a ton of talent, just needs to learn some decision making. He’s going to compete for the starting job here in the years to come. I don’t think that’s 2019 though.

I think Kean is going to come in with the opportunities we afforded Olsen. I think he’s going to get every shot to be the guy. I’m not ready to crown him though. Reynolds has the heart of a lion, and I love watching him consistently do what people tell him he can’t do.


he also only threw 2 interceptions.

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Did a good job limiting turnovers for sure. Guess I’m just a bigger fan of gunslingers than game mangers.


I think the good outweighs the bad with Reynolds, but he’s fragile and there really isn’t big play ability based on the data at hand.


I think there is more than we saw last year. Lambert had him in conserve mode… The spring game and spring practices he showed us his arm downfield. He’s also got a special connection with Tucker.


Writing off Reynolds because he didn’t have an outstanding freshman campaign within a Brad Lambert offense seems a little silly to me. Plus this board is quick to not give kids the chance to develop. He was only a freshman last year.


I don’t think anyone is writing him off. I think most expect him to compete with Kean for the gig.


Agreed that no one is writing him off. He does have limitations and is slight in build (which is not well suited for a read option QB). He proved to be a solid option as a Freshman and should be expected to get better. But nothing will change his limitations.

He’s probably the most consistent QB we’ve ever had…but we will need even much more better than that to compete for league titles and bowl wins.


clt asks if Riley Ferguson has any eligibility left?


Reynolds had 1181 yards on 155 attempts as a freshman= 7.6 yd/att.

Kean has 333 yards on 74 attempts in his first few seasons = 4.5 yd/att

The sample size for Kean is way lower and also came in sporadic playing time…but I’m expecting this to be Reynolds job to lose. I’m excited to see what he can do with a new coaching staff and added WR depth. Hopefully Tucker can stay healthy all year and we can get more production from RBs and TEs in the receiving game.


We will see what the competition brings. I like Reynolds because he reminds me of a sandlot baller. He makes plays and generally good decisions. However, he needs to remain healthy and prove that he can stretch the field to keep the defense from stacking the box. Kean is an unknown to me as I have never seen him play, but I hope that we keep seeing the level of QB competition increasing.