Quick question

At what age does the ticket office start charging for kids. I have 2 year old twins I want to bring to the game tonight and I did not know if they will be charged. I have 4 tickets but will have to buy two more if they each need a ticket . Can anyone that brings little ones help me out with this.

I took mine when she was 6 and had to pay I believe, but that’s been a few years back. You do realize you’re going to have to work until you’re 70, right?

I don’t think you’ll need tickets for two two year olds that can sit on your lap.

Hopefully they look like their mom.:doh:

Look like their Mom and hung like their Dad a deadly, deadly combination!!!

In a few years lock your doors and hide your women.

Ticket office told me they need a ticket at 2…but they arent checking birth certificates at the door, so I still bring my 2 1/2 year old in with no problem.