Quote from Gas Story in the Observer

Our kind of guy!

Preston Greene, strength and conditioning coach for UNC Charlotte Athletics, said he’ll gladly conserve gas this holiday weekend. “It’s the first weekend of college football,” he said. “A six-pack of beer and football all day? There is no need to drive.”

Wonder what team he will be watching… should we… the Niner faithful… adopt a team to follow?

until we get a team…im still a syracuse fan

and now that my sister goes purdue, and im going to see the michigan state game there, ill probably root a little for them too

I suggest the South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks, they’re the closest major team to Charlotte, and they’re not in the ACC

Never will I pull for a team coach by Steve Spurrier. I’ll stick with Notre Dame and hope they don’t drive me crazy again this year.

I like N.C. State in football… I’ve historically been a Gamecock fan, but that may have to change. Spurrier can suck a dick.

clt will drink a six pack in the first half.

[b] I like N.C. State in football... [/b]
Same here. I'm hoping they can keep it respectable this weekend (vs Va Tech), I'm hoping I'll be able to afford the trip up to Raleigh!! If State can get some consistency out of a QB they should be pretty good this year.

Go Deacs!

SC can’t win by more than 11 as 21 point favorites, ruin my teaser why don’t ya. Good thing Vbilt is legit and beat Wake. What would college sports be without betting?

UNC-R football fan here. That doesn’t mean, I don’t want the Niners to visit Carter-finley and beat them pretty good.

Lutz likes UT

The Pennsylvania State University.

The Pitt Panthers suck.

Pulling for an acc school in any sport. Nasty!!!

SC as I am going to Grad school there

VB my husband and I just moved to Lexington from Charlotte. He’s going to grad school there as well