Raleigh and Surrounding Area Niners

Hey, any Niners in Raleigh or the around there? I’ll in Raleigh for the week!!

Hey Gill, will you be in Raleigh on Saturday? We’re going to Frankie’s for my birthday, so if you wanna go, let me know.

Also, give me a call and we can have lunch or something during the week. I’ll be outta town Monday and Tuesday.

Nah unfortunately I gotta check out Friday!! Then im heading to Wilmington!

But outside of that, lets do it dude! I will be done by about 5:30 every day, and I got nothing to do except sit at the hotel! I think I still got your number. Check PM’s!

I'll in Raleigh for the week!!
What's her name Gill? Or are you there to give some advice to our state lawmakers?

Make sure you don’t get freeways I-40, I-440, I-540, I-640, I-740, I-840 ,and I-940 confused with each other. :shades:

What's her name? Or are you there to give some advice to our state lawmakers?

Ha ha I wish. Unfortunately i’ll be there for work. You in the area?

What Hotel will you be stating at???

That’s a little creepy guy.

holiday inn. were ya at?

I am off of Glenwood Ave in Raleigh, are you at the Holiday Inn Crabtree?

no, but i was just in that area last night, at the pour house!!

Whatcha doing this week, lets grab some beers!!!