Ranking the 2019 Opponents

In what order would you rank our opponents next season, with #1 being the most difficult. Here’s mine

(1) Clemson. They will be at the top of this list for every team they play.

(2) North Texas. Some will put the Appys here, but before Fine got hurt last year NT was awesome. Fine returns as does most of their offense (8 returning starters). Littrell is still at the helm there and despite their losses on defense I think they are the best team in the West if Fine remains healthy.

(3) App. If Satt was still there they’d be #2 on my list as they return a ton. They have further to fall with McLuvin as HC than rise, I hope he makes a lot of changes because Satt had them dialed in.

(4) FIU. 16 returning starters (including their QB) off a 9 win team. They should be at the top of the East. Was Butch Davis a better hire than Kiffin?

(5) FAU. Spencer + Kiffin = A problem for CUSA East teams.

(6). Marshall. Their talent is on par with F()U and they will be contending in the East.

(7) ODU. This game could be for a bowl berth. If it is Wilders last game I would love for us to put the final nail in his coffin.

(8) MTSU. We out-gained them 359-144 and lost (only Lambert could do that) and we return more starters while they lose their all everything QB.

(9) UMASS. They return only 8 starters (lose their all everything WR and 157 year old LB). Last year everything that could go wrong did go wrong in the first quarter. Most realistic paths to a bowl berth go through a W against UMASS.

(10) WKU. They will be a little better but just watch their second half against us last year. They do bring a lot back but their new coach was the mastermind of UTs offense last year.

(11) UTEP. They are improving and I’m a little wary of this game but can’t rank them higher with their QB suspended than the Eastern teams above.

(12) GW. It won’t take a miracle comeback (it’d better not ) this time.

5 should say FAU

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Fixed. Thanks.