Rap album by.... Bet you will never guess who

J.J. Reddick


his poetry really isn’t bad

Joe Mauer has a studio in his house and makes his own rap songs, but refuses to let anyone hear them.

JJ should probably do the same thing.

[QUOTE=ninerID;439903]his poetry really isn’t bad[/QUOTE]

I didn’t know he had an audience other than ESPN. :huh:

Let’s spend the rest of this thread coming up with his rapper name.

I vote for J Whitey J.



:lol: Good one.

JJ Cool J
Jizzle Jizzle Reddizzle

DJ CumDumpster

JJ Reddick.

I was thinking Rush Limbaugh.
He would do a rap bashing Pelosi/Reid/Obama/NFL.

Even MORE shocking:

[U][B]BILL COSBY[/B][/U], the 72-year-old comedian, sitcom, and Pudding Pop legend, is entering the rap game with [URL=http://www.billcosby.com/site/store.html][I][B]Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency[/B][/I][/URL]. Set for release digitally on October, 20 and physically on November 24, you can hear two tracks right here, right now: